Evening all,  this is my little description for the blog, an introduction if you will. I dont want it to be a pretentious About Me introduction or page, so I’ll keep it short and sweet (much like me).

I have had a number of blogs in the past, some gaming, some random. I am now resurrecting my attempts at writing into this new blog, as it is something that I enjoy and I have missed. Here’s one of my most recent (slight irony there) blogs for any gaming fans out there: RetroGameTeam

I hope that you find my posts mildly interesting or amusing, please dont send anything too abusive if you dont. I would love to hear from you so please add a comment or send money.

Thanks, MJW

(the image is a guitar by the way, anyone that got it right gets 10 points. 20 points for anyone that can identify the guitar)

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