5 last minute gifts for that awkward 30-something guy!

Okay so just a couple of days to go until the big day! Contain your excitement and don’t open those Quality Street boxes just yet…have you got all your gifts?

What about the handsome 30-something man in your life? The partner, brother, friend, whatever he may be. He’s a nightmare isn’t he? You aren’t entirely sure what he’s into or what he would like, so it’s a token bottle of some alcohol. Well, I’m that handsome 30-something man (handsome is stretching it, but cut me some slack), and here are five great gift ideas that I would love!

1. Internet radio

These devices are getting better each year, and have so many more features on them than those standard FM radios still clogging up our shelves.

Below is a cracking model that is number one on Amazon. Not only can you get a huge range of stations with no interference, but you can pick up podcasts and more!

Although it’s a bit late for Internet shopping, there are plenty of high street stores that will sell this product or similar:

Roberts Radio Stream93i Link

Roberts Radio

2. Cufflinks

Every man needs a few sets of cufflinks. Whether he wears them every day to work, or to a special occasion. It drives me crazy when you see someone who still has the fabric bobbly things in the cuffs of a double cuff shirt that they have bought. So help your man out, and get him a nice set of cufflinks.

You can get nice cufflinks in any department store and many men’s fashion shops, decent ones start from £10 and can go up into the hundreds if you want to be extravagant.

Here is a pair I really like (with tie pin included) from Next for £18:

Cufflinks and tie pin from Next

3. Retro gaming console

Every man loves a bit of retro tech, and you can help him to relieve his long forgotten childhood and teenage years (careful) by picking up a retro console!

Retro gaming has become pretty trendy in recent years, and prices have increased as a result. You can still get a decent Sega or Nintendo console and few games for less than £70, though some of the older consoles are commanding more.

Gumtree or eBay are your best bets, unless you are lucky enough to have a retro gaming shop near you. You can sometimes be lucky in Cash Generator or similar too!  sega megadrive

4. Raspberry Pi

Have you heard of these little credit-card sized computers? They are stripped back devices that you can program to do some really cool things, from becoming media servers to touchscreen devices.

There are tons of projects that you can look at for free online. The Pi just needs to be plugged into a tv/monitor, keyboard and some imagination!

More info here.

raspberry pi

5. Box subscription

A new phenomenon in the last couple of years has been box subscription. Essentially these are lucky dip boxes, sent to your door monthly, that contain themed products.

There are geek boxes, wrestling boxes, beauty boxes and many more! I have chosen geek crate as many men are now happy to admit that they are a bit geeky (me included!).

You can buy a subscription for the man in your life here and he can get mystery gifts all year round!

geek box

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