New Years Resolutions part 2

Happy new year everyone!

You may remember part one of my New Years resolution plans a few weeks back (here), this is part two:

Smartphones – don’t ya love them? I’m typing this blog on a smartphone right now. In fact, most of my day has involved me being glued to this handset for some reason – checking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, emails, forums, emails again. I’m addicted.

I need to break this in 2016 and have decided to be bold by taking a step back in time, and getting what I believe is known as a dumb phone. That’s right, a phone that I can use just to talk and text. 


nokia 3210
The best phone in the history of the world ever, Nokia 3210
Oh and maybe the odd game (I loved snake on the Nokia!).

I’m going to initially go a day, and then a week without my smartphone, I genuinely don’t know how I’ll feel because it is such a big part of my life. How sad is that? Definitely time for change. 

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