Make writing a habit (New Years Resolution – final part)

Hello you,

Part one and two of my New Year Resolutions are here:

Part one

Part two

For the final part, I wanted to focus on writing. So to explain this further, here’s a bit of background:

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a journalist. I followed the academic route of appropriate courses through college and then Uni, getting a 2:1 in the process (as well as a love for Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodles, and a pretty bad credit history).

Life then got in the way as it does, and it led to me taking a career path which was completely unintended. You know how it is, you take a job from Uni, get the odd promotion, some more money, another promotion, some more money, and you then end up on a completely new path.

That has led to where I am today, in a reasonably senior job on a higher salary than I would have if I was a journalist. However, I miss the writing, I miss putting my thoughts on paper (or on a screen!) and miss the creativity. It isn’t about money (though my mortgage company may disagree).

I have dabbled in previous years with blogging (cheap plug – Retro Gaming blog) but haven’t followed it through to anything significant (this becomes a pattern in my life you will see). So late last year I decided to start this blog and stick to it – and that is my final New Years Resolution.

I’d love to work with other bloggers on their blogs and mine, I’d like to write an article for a website or a magazine, and also submit a short story to a competition. Ultimately I want to write a book one day, I have some ideas but need to boost my confidence before I take that step.

This blog doesn’t necessarily have a theme, I like to think of it as an eclectic mix of nonsense. Who knows, that may change over time.

So there we have it, my final Resolution. I would appreciate your thoughts, comments and follows in my attempts to move forward as a writer.

How do you remain consistent and committed to writing regularly when life gets in the way?


    • Thank you! Really great to hear that. It is difficult but I have found just setting even a small amount of time aside each day can help get a fair amount done, and also stops me getting frustrated about not writing. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your work.


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