Driveclub (PS4) | 250 word review

Welcome to the second 250 word review (first is here), today looking at Driveclub on PS4.


Driveclub is a social driving game, and by that I mean you have the chance to build your own ‘club’ (of drivers surprisingly) using actual real world people, through the interweb.

Although focused on social driving, the game does have a single player mode with a variety of specific challenges (that can be played offline too), and the game has more motors available than Arthur Daly (ask your dad). All cars are licensed as you would expect, these are real cars from real manufacturers, and the visuals throughout are stunning.

A cool element is club customisation – you can add customised graphics, unique to your club, to all of your unlocked cars. This can be applied to any car, from a Mini Cooper (one of the starter cars) right up to hypercars (like the Zonda below). Whilst customisation is available for the paintwork, you cannot tune the engines or performance which is a shame.


The graphics are great, you can really get a sense of speed in-car, and the weather conditions can definitely make things interesting. The cars can get beaten up through bumps and scrapes but they will not flip in a crash (a la Gran Turismo).

Although, like many in this genre, it can become repetitive, Driveclub is an essential addition to your gaming library.

You can pick this up for £10-15 pre-owned, for that price it’s definitely worth it.

8/10 (8.5/10 if you get it cheap!)


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