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February 2016

The things I flippin’ love about Wales

Today is St David's Day, the one day each year that we wear leeks and daffodils upon our chests with delight, and dress our children in traditional (and maybe a little unusual) Welsh outfits. As a proud Welshman I just wanted... Continue Reading →


Virtual Reality is coming to your home…

Hey you, I wrote an article for the lovely people at Opinion Panel last week, the article talked about the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR, and what this could mean for home gamers worldwide. With the recent high profile Samsung launch... Continue Reading →

How to guide – PlayStation Now on PS4

PlayStation Now is a relatively new service from Sony, offering you the chance to stream some cracking games onto your PS4 from the classic PS3 (PS1 and PS2 games will follow soon). You may remember that there was a lot... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-ridden Firewatch ending – PS4

This post contains spoilers! Lots of them! Please don't read on if you haven't finished Firewatch. Seriously! Okay, I warned you, here goes... I feel a little mixed to be honest, I've just finished Firewatch on PS4 after just a couple of... Continue Reading →

Firewatch PS4 – first impressions

It has been just over 24 hours since Firewatch, one of the most anticipated launches of 2016 so far, was released as a digital download on PS4. This first release from Campo Santo promised a beautiful setting combined with a fascinating... Continue Reading →

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