WrestleCrate UK unboxing

Who remembers Lucky Bags from their childhood? I loved them! They were generally full of plastic toys and e-numbers but they didn’t do me any ‘arm (said in a cynical old voice).

Feeling lucky punk?

Fast forward some decades and mystery boxes are hugely popular, you can get a box sent to you each month that contains themed goodies from a number of companies, I have liked the idea for a while but never actually got round to signing up with any.

Staying on the nostalgia theme, I have been a wrestling fan for over 25 years. My dad used to record WCW Worldwide each week for me in the early 90s (it was on at silly o’clock on ITV), then when we hit the big time at home by getting Sky installed, I could now watch WWF every week as well!

I’m now a loyal WWE Network subscriber and have passed the obsession on to my sons.

Combining my two nostalgic loves within a cool box sounds amazing and that is exactly what the guys and girls at WrestleCrate have done.

I signed up at the end of last month and eagerly waited for this to arrive through my letter box:

So let’s get it open! I signed up for the standard box (yes I’m a cheapskate) at £11.99, there is a deluxe version (Ultimate Crate!) with more goodies included at £21.99.

This was the view that greeted me as I opened it, first of all a great looking DVD about British Wrestling (Two Falls to a Finish), with some exclusive content just for WrestleCrate. Good start!

Wait there though, that t-shirt looks a bit special…


This t-shirt was created as part of WrestleCrate’s new association with Progress Wrestling – I really love the design (it reminded me of Shepard Fairey) and the fit is perfect – really impressed.

Onto the other goodies, the box also included:



Artwork signed by the Bad Ass Billy Gunn!

Llladiesandgentlemenboysandgirlschildrenofallages D-GenerationXproudlybringstoyou the taaaagteaaamchaaaaampionsofthewoooooooorlddddd…


I also had this cool pin badge which my wife is now sporting:




The final item included was a cool A5 book which brings another one of my loves into the mix – Retro Gaming – an A-Z of Gimmick Matches in 16 bit-styled graphics. It is really well produced and again looks like a WrestleCrate exclusive, produced by Wrestling Arcade.

So my thoughts on WrestleCrate? Initially I ordered it because I was a little curious and thought that it would probably be a one-off, however I am hooked!

I am really impressed with the quality and the content and cant wait for the next one, I may even be tempted to upgrade to the Ultimate Crate in the future.

I fully recommend you give it a go if you are a wrestling fan, there are others out there but WrestleCrate is certainly one that I am going to stick to.


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