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September 2016

Big Sam’s big problem: a victory for journalism?

What a strange 48 hours in the life of an England fan and football fan in general.  After a lifetime of working towards the 'big job', the unglamorous no-nonsense manager with a reputation for getting the job done, even in... Continue Reading →


Freelance work: The Opinion Panel Community

I've been fortunate to do some work on other websites in recent months, it's a great way for me to share my rambles with a wider audience, and also to write on more specialist subjects. The first that I wanted... Continue Reading →

September WrestleCrate unboxing 

It is THAT time of the month again! WrestleCrate UK have surpassed my expectations again by delivering a few days quicker than I expected (I only had the dispatch email yesterday), and I just so happened to be in the... Continue Reading →

He’s just a common man – interesting Wrestling lyrics!

He's just a common man! Working hard with his hands Many of you, I would expect the majority, are now wondering what the hell I am talking about. Some of you though have just smiled, some of you (hopefully the... Continue Reading →

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