September WrestleCrate unboxing 

It is THAT time of the month again! WrestleCrate UK have surpassed my expectations again by delivering a few days quicker than I expected (I only had the dispatch email yesterday), and I just so happened to be in the house when my friendly (that is meant to be ironic) postman knocked with this month’s goodies, saving me one of those annoying visits to the post office because of my undersized letterbox (not a metaphor).

So here goes, it’s unboxing time! As with my first WrestleCrate last month, I have gone for the Standard crate, the Ultimate crate does have some more items included and I am toying with an upgrade soon.

So what do I see once I split that crate open – well firstly a nice bright red t-shirt, something Progress related (I am still rocking the t-shirt given last month) and some other goodies, let’s get stuck in…


The first thing I see hidden underneath the t-shirt (which I will come back to) is one of a number of exclusive coasters that WrestleCrate are producing. A well produced tribute to the curb stomp, perfect for any coffee table and maybe a nice talking point with your great aunt this Christmas when she rests her weak cup of tea on top of it.


Next is an exclusive DVD collaboration between Progress and WrestleCrate.

I absolutely loved last month’s t-shirt which was very similar to the cover on this DVD. It’s great to see a strong partnership between a British wrestling company that is building  a significant reputation, and the premier wrestling crate company (obvs).

The DVD has five matches including a Sumerian Death Squad open title challenge, as well as matches from Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr amongst others.

As well as the strong style reputation, I really like the design and style of Progress in general – I am looking forward to the exclusive item in the next crate!


The next item I picked out of the cardboard wonder has immediately become my 8 year old’s favourite item ever. He absolutely loves stickers and this Ultimate Sticker Collection from the WWE is packed with them as the title would suggest.

It’s a really well produced book and really fun as my son keeps telling me. I may stick a few in tonight when he’s in bed, it’ll be like going back to those Panini football books when I would spend hours searching for the correct number and space to stick on footballers faces that I had never heard of.

Okay it’s t-shirt time, and what better t-shirt than one that nods to the King of Strong Style – everyone’s favourite lunatic, NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. The logo looks great and it is another well produced t-shirt from WrestleCrate.


It’s autograph time! Last month I received a signed print from Mr Ass himself, Billy Gunn. This month I have two autographs, the first is from Jack Gallagher – someone who has really impressed me with his work in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament. This classic British gent (with top notch ‘tache and everything) has some real mat skills and was a really interesting addition to the tournament, so much so that he has now been confirmed as someone who will be a part of Raw’s Cruiserweight division going forward.

The second autograph is is a little bonus from HT Drake, the tough northern professional wrestler who has a great gimmick (as a gimmick killer). As with the Progress items, it is great to see British indie wrestling again getting some promotion. Whilst the majority of my viewing is WWE related, I want to support British promotions and wrestlers wherever I can, and I think that WrestleCrate’s promotions will help spread the word.

So another great month for those guys and gals at WrestleCrate – I’m really pleased with this month’s items (as is my son who is still obsessing about the stickers). What did you think of this month?

P.S. I may need to get the Ultimate crate next month!

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