Moving on up? From iPhone to Android (Samsung S7 Edge review)

I’ve been an iPhone fanboy since launch, the iPhone totally revolutionised the mobile market, and took us from keys and small screens (and of course polyphonic ringtones!) and moved us to a world of touchscreens, pinching to zoom and apps. Without iPhone, smartphones would not be what they are today.

iPhone created the standard, and for years I religiously upgraded as the newest iPhone was released. The story of Apple is a pretty amazing one, and for a company to reinvent itself and lead markets in computing, mobile and music at different times is not the norm. I’m also always interested in the Steve Jobs story, and how he became involved in the success of Pixar during his time off from Apple, the company that he founded and then sacked him, before Apple came back for a prodigal son-style return (worth looking up if you don’t know about it).


After moving through the original iPhone to the iPhone 6S on almost every incarnation I started to yearn for a change. The grass was looking greener, I was being tempted by something new.

But why?

It’s not just one thing in all honesty, it was a combination – each of the more recent models were pretty much the same. Yes the camera was slightly better, or the handset had a new iOS feature, but for me it didn’t mean a different experience in any big way. It meant that I was spending a significant amount of money on a regular basis but maintaining the same user experience.

I decided it was time for a change, and I decided that Android would be the way to go (and is the only real sensible alternative at the moment), I had my heart set on the one handset that would take me away from iPhone, the shining light in a world of handsets that look very similar, a handset that would be perfect for me and my usage – the Samsung Note 7.

Unfortunately my dream went up in flames.


After a little deliberation I decided to go with the Samsung S7 Edge, I renewed my contract with EE and managed to reduce my monthly contract amount by more than £10 whilst not having to contribute to the phone cost, and also got free Samsung VR Gear kit (more on that another time). Comparative cost on iPhone would have been an upfront cost of £50+ and a slight increase on my monthly contract.


The S7 Edge arrived (in gold, yes I know but it does look amazing!) and I was really impressed with the build quality. Previous Samsung handsets that I had used felt very plastic and cheap, this feels like a serious bit of kit, and the screen is stunning. Very bright and clear, and a better resolution that what I was used to.


The handset was easy to set up with my Google account, and I then looked at all of my iPhone apps and downloaded them all from the Google Play store. The handset came with a nifty device which let me plug my iPhone into it, though this didnt work initially and instead I synced the device to my iTunes account which worked perfectly and my new handset then downloaded my contacts, calendar entries and similar bits. I was really impressed with this!


I have had the handset for a couple of months and I am really impressed. It is quick, looks great (lots of people seem to love the screen) and I haven’t had any issues of note (no pun) so far.

The apps are pretty much the same as the iPhone versions and are easy to use, from my perspective I have found that the camera is a lot better (or at least the images look better) and I am loving the fact I can access more of the phone. This is the nature of Android as iPhone effectively locks down elements and prevents too much personalisation, as well as file categories or similar. I’m not knocking Apple, this was fine for me for the last nine years or so, but it’s nice to have a change.

The Edge element of the screen is a little gimmicky, I dont use it in any particular way but it can be used for shortcuts to apps or contacts by swiping from the edge (see what they did there) of the screen. It does give a nice full viewing experience on the phone though and has a real wow factor when compared to other handsets.

Another thing that I am pleased about is that I can use third party devices more effectively, particularly power banks and chargers. In my experience, iPhones have not been compatible with power banks and certainly not many third party chargers (meaning pricey new Apple chargers every few months), but the S7 Edge includes a micro USB charger slot which is pretty standard for most devices these days.

The handset also has Fast Charge meaning I can charge the handset from flat to full within about an hour or so, this is a real god send when a last minute night out is arranged!


Handsets are subjective, some people will love them and some will hate, some intrinsically hate Apple and some are the total opposite. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it is about what suits you at the time, and at the moment this S7 Edge really suits me – good job Samsung.

And yes, I used an M People song name in my title for this post.


  • Build quality
  • Screen
  • No more Apple chargers!

3 Dislikes

  • App store is full of a lot of junk/fake apps!
  • I accidentally touch the edge of the screen which is annoying as it sometimes moves me to a different app, think this is an issue with my fat hands more than the handset though.
  • Um, haven’t really got a third.


Have you made the move, maybe you have gone from Android to iOS? Let me know which one you prefer! 

P.S. Samsung Gear VR review to follow!

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