2017 WWE Elimination Chamber results and thoughts

Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin (I don’t know why either) joined THE CHAMP John Cena to do battle in this year’s Elimination Chamber. The dark metal structure, almost as terrifying as JBL’s commentary, has benefited from some great spots over the years. The adverts for this year’s PPV reminded me of a sinister Running Man-style gameshow, and the matches before the Chamber didn’t disappoint (see the bottom of this page for full results).

Despite the big names in this year’s match, only The Miz had entered the Chamber before

Elimination Chamber

Cena started the match with the Phenomenal One AJ Styles. Some nice spots opened the bout – including a sunset flip power bomb from Cena, and a Lex Luger-style torture rack from Styles.

The Lunatic Fringe was next to join Cena and Styles in the Chamber. Ambrose went straight after Cena as Styles recovered, and hit Cena with some big shots onto the metalwork. A big spot saw Styles land back-first onto the floor of the Chamber, followed by Ambrose leaping off a pod to take Cena out with an elbow.

The crowd really livened up with Ambrose’s spots after a slower, more technical start by Cena and Styles, Cena helped continue the momentum with a two-man german suplex by the superman. A chorus of Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks accompanied the action with the crowd really into the fight.

Wyatt entered next in his first Chamber match and cleaned house with various spots. Styles and Cena started climbing the Chamber walls for no apparent reason, until Cena was beaten off (behave you!) by Styles who then climbed onto a pod with Ambrose to battle it out.

There was a spectacular powerbomb/suplex combo involving Ambrose, Wyatt and Styles, which ended in Styles being dumped in a pretty unforgiving fashion. The Lone Wolf – Baron Corbin then joined the match and went straight after Ambrose, bashing his skull against the chainlink walls.

The Miz was the last to enter the match and was reluctant to leave the pod with Corbin staring him out as both men stood still. Ambrose took advantage and snuck up behind Corbin as this took place, Ambrose rolled Corbin up with a schoolboy to eliminate him from the match.

Baron Corbin – eliminated

Corbin stayed in the ring and beat Ambrose like a government mule, sending him directly through a pod (which looked brutal) and raking his face again on the chainlink fencing. He then hit his finisher on Ambrose and had the pleasure of several referees pleading with him to leave. As Corbin slowly walked out of the structure, The Miz eventually left his pod and went straight to pin Ambrose, immediately eliminating him after Corbin’s beatdown.

Dean Ambrose – eliminated

The freshest guy in the ring (it’s a bit like the realest guy in the room), The Miz, hit lots of different spots on each remaining entrant, including a skullcrushing finale on Wyatt on the outside of the ring. The Miz was on a real roll until he literally walked straight into a Cena AA, he was then pinned and eliminated.

The Miz – eliminated

Wyatt and Styles teamed up to take out Cena, though it didn’t take long for Cena to hulk up and take out the remaining two. He then hit them with a double five – I guess ten – knuckle shuffle and gave a complimentary AA to Wyatt. Styles reversed the AA that was coming his way and hit a sublime Styles Clash, which only got a two count.

With Wyatt lying low, Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but got hit by an AA (in a similar way to how Miz got eliminated), Cena went for the pin and got about a 2.8 before Styles kicked out. Cena then hit the heights by climbing up to a pod and taking out both Wyatt and Styles with a big splash, not something you see too often from the 16-time Champion.

As all men started to come round, Wyatt hit Cena with a Sister Abigail from nowhere, a quick pin saw the 1-2-3, and with Cena’s elimination we were guaranteed a new champion.

Wyatt and Styles began to fight it out with some great spots. Styles had now been in the match for over 30 minutes but was still full of energy. One of my personal favourite parts of offence saw Wyatt deal with Styles’ quick kicks and blows with a seriously big clothesline lariat. We then saw a very evenly matched back and forth with each man looking for the big prize – Styles for the second time and Bray for the first. Styles hit the 450 splash (hurting his ribs in the process), he went for the pin and got close to a three count but Bray managed to kick out.

After some more evenly matched offence, Styles popped up onto the ropes to hit a Phenomenal Forearm but jumped straight into the Sister Abigail, Wyatt hit the devastating finisher, and ladies and gents – we have a new Champion!

AJ Styles – Eliminated

Bray Wyatt – Winner

Orton came out to the ramp looking quite intimidating with his hood up, he stared Wyatt down with the obligatory Wrestlemania sign in the background (don’t forget to point at it lads!). The PPV finished with the question posed by the commentator “Does this mean Bray Wyatt will face Randy Orton for the Championship at Wrestlemania?” well yes of course it does dummy!


My thoughts

I’m delighted for Wyatt. His character is one of the most interesting on the roster, and you only need to see the ‘fireflies’ to understand how over Wyatt is. I was at the WWE Live show in Manchester in November last year, and the roof nearly came off the place as he entered the arena. I think the Championship can only add to the interest in his character and it’s nice to see a new face in the mix.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Wyatt Family now that Orton has beaten Harper, and Wyatt will face Orton at Mania (unless something stupid happens in the meantime). I like the Wyatt stable and it would be a shame to see them split, but Wyatt is strong alone and I think that everyone expected Orton to split from the family at some point (I mean the guy hasn’t even grown a decent beard, where is his commitment?). Is this when it happens?

The Chamber match was a pretty good one. Some big spots and spectacular moves came from business really picking up once everyone got into the Chamber (after an initially slow start), this gave a good build and ultimate crescendo to the match. Pretty solid show, good job WWE!

Hey son! I’m proud of you (P.S. pay your taxes)

Other results

Mojo Rawley defeated Curt Hawkins (kickoff match)

Becky Lynch defeated Mickie James

Kalisto & Apollo Crews defeated Dolph Ziggler (2 on 1 handicap)

American Alpha win Tag Team Turmoil

Nikki Bella and Natalya ends in double count out

Randy Orton defeated Luke Harper

Naomi defeated Alex Bliss – new Smackdown Women’s Champion


Congratulations Naomi!

You can watch the Elimination Chamber on the WWE Network.


What did you think of the show? Are you happy with the new Champion Bray Wyatt? What happens next for the Wyatt Family?

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