Five Minutes With… Sarah Trademark

Sarah is a blogger with over 10,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. Sarah talks to us about how she stays organised, future thoughts about her blog and also provides some great advice for new bloggers!
Sarah also has really great hair which I obviously had to ask about.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter, Instagram and also at her website by clicking the links.



So could you tell us a little about your blog – how long have you been blogging for and what sort of things do you enjoy writing about the most?

I have been blogging since October 2014 and started off mainly writing about make up and beauty, but recently I have written more hair care posts, and the occasional food post.

What do you do wW1CgBxC4hen you aren’t blogging?

I work full time, so blogging is my hobby. I also spend a lot of time just relaxing at home with my husband and my pets or seeing family.

A lot of people who work struggle to find the time to commit to regularly blogging, do you have a routine to regularly write?

I usually spend a bit of time at the weekend writing posts and taking pictures and then I schedule the posts so I post usually every three or four days, and I write them two weeks in advance.


Nicely done! What software do you use to write and post your blog and what two apps could you not live without?

I write all of mine through Blogger, I always write them on my laptop. App-wise I think Twitter is important to use to promote my blog posts, and I also post a lot on Instagram with pictures relating to blog posts, so I would say that is an important app too.

You have over 10k followers between Instagram and Twitter, what tips do you have for newbies looking to build a following online?

The best way I found was to interact. Search for other bloggers online and make friends with them, help Y4JS4K_6each other out by commenting on Instagram or retweeting on twitter and if people leave a comment on your blog then return the love. Blogging is a happy environment and by interacting with each other you will gain new followers and readers.

Great advice! The blogging community does seem really supportive, are you involved in any particular groups or chats, or do you tend to get involved in any tweets that interest you?

There are chats on Twitter every day so I only really join in one or two a week depending on what I am up to, and when I have time. I often search specific hashtags to find new bloggers or blogging opportunities.

So where did your ‘Sarah Trademark’ name come from, assuming that Sarah is your first name but Trademark may not be your surname?

It all started years ago back when I thought I was cool on MySpace and had my name “Sarah” with the TM (trademark logo) after it! Ever since I have used it as my “internet name” rather than using my actual surname.

Your hair is awesome! Tell us about your style and what you have tried in terms of colour.

Thank you! I change my hair quite regularly. I have had it bright colours since I was about 18, so about ten years. I have had most colours: blonde, brown, black, rainbow, pink, purple, blue, red, tried most things now. I like being able to change it as I get bored easily with it. I used to have highlights when I was younger but started doing it myself when I wanted something different. I also cut it myself. Everyone always seems shocked when I say I do it all myself!

So do you have a goal when it comes to your blog/website, is your ambition to do it full time, or work with any particular brands?

I am happy doing it as a hobby, I don’t think I would want to do it as a full time job. Brand-wise, I would love to work with Chanel or YSL but don’t think I ever will haha! I have worked with quite a few brands in the past though, including Urban Decay and The Body Shop.

What three tips do you have for anyone new to blogging or wanting to start and not sure if they are able to?

1. Be yourself, wrote about what you want and don’t feel pressured to write everyday. I post twice a week and that’s just what I have got used to.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others. When I started, I kept comparing myself to the full time bloggers and it got me down knowing I wouldn’t ever compare, but actually I only want it as a hobby and I need to do what I enjoy.

3. Don’t be worried that you won’t get views. For the first two months it was only my mum that read my blog! In time you will get more views and comments if you interact and promote it on social media. Blogging should be enjoyable 🙂


Thanks Sarah Trademark for your time!

Follow Sarah on Twitter, Instagram and also check out her website.

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