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June 2017

5 Minutes With…Natalie Redman

I sat down with blogger Natalie Redman for a chat about her brilliantly named UpYourVlog website. Natalie covers a wide range of subjects on her site, and has a big number of fans and followers. We talked about how she... Continue Reading →


Crowdfunded art – the new way to connect artists and fans?

I am a huge fan of art, though it is in the 'I may not know art, but I know what I like'  sense and I am therefore not the most cultured (or knowledgeable) in the world. I really enjoy modern,... Continue Reading →

5 Minutes With…Ricky Knight Jr

Ricky Knight Jr is from the famous Knight family of British wrestling. His family own and run the WAW wrestling promotion, and he is the nephew of WWE superstar (and former Women's Champion) Paige. We talked about how he got... Continue Reading →

5 Minutes With…Gemma Hirst

Gemma is a culture blogger, theatre fan, Journalism graduate and is on a mission to highlight the cultural wonders across the North East. We also talked about how the Edinburgh Fringe Festival cured her fear of heights, and Gemma appearing in... Continue Reading →

5 Minutes With…Richard Taylor Woods

I spent some time chatting with Richard Taylor Woods, an actor who has worked in various theatre productions, television, and even had a Top 40 hit in the 90s! Richie is currently working on Motown The Musical, we talked about... Continue Reading →

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