5 Minutes With…Ricky Knight Jr

Ricky Knight Jr is from the famous Knight family of British wrestling. His family own and run the WAW wrestling promotion, and he is the nephew of WWE superstar (and former Women’s Champion) Paige.
We talked about how he got started, what Scott Hall is really like, and why he no longer wears a mask.

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You are from a family of British wrestling royalty, the Knights! Tell me about how it all got started?

Well my grandfather started the company 25 yeas ago because he wanted to see British wrestlers get the recognition that they deserve, so him and my nan started WAW. They trained the talent along with Jimmy Ocean.waw-logo

What was it like growing up in a Wrestling family?

It is an honour but can be a lot of pressure as you have to fill very big shoes in my opinion. But then it’s also great as it gave me an opportunity to work in the business I love.
Who was your favourite wrestler when you were younger, and why? And who is it now and why?

My favourite wrestler was my dad. My dad has always, and will always, be my hero because with every setback and every time he gets knocked down – he rose bigger, stronger and better.

Also he is a fucking awesome wrestler!

You wear a mask, why did you decide to go for the lucha look and do you have a collection of masks?

I did wear a mask and that was because, like the rest of my family, we started to wrestle at around the age of 10. I had to keep my age a secret until now, and I don’t wear my mask anymore. I do have a huge collection which I will pass down to my baby brother.

WAW has hit the headlines recently with the likes of Scott Hall showing up, what was the Bad Guy like and are there any other surprises on the the way?

Scott hall is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet I don’t look at him as WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon, I look at him as an adopted uncle and we get on #2Sweet. He always looks after me and points me in the right direction, he is also always telling me stop biting my nails.

Also X-Pac is a super cool dude too, got the pleasure of wrestling him and that will live with me for life.

Yeah there are some huge things in the pipeline but I can’t reveal them yet.

British wrestling is gaining a great reputation worldwide and it seems like more people than ever are watching. What is it like to be involved and where do you think it will go to in the next few years?

I can see British wrestling being on mainstream television within the next 5 years.

It’s awesome to see Will Ospreay killing it in Japan, Marty Scrull killing it in ROH, and the UK Hooligans killing it in Mexico!

Strangest thing that’s ever happened to you in a match?

The strangest thing that has happened to me happened when we were wrestling in a camp, and we got the crowd chanting ‘man boobs’, then Zak and Roy shouted to get him a bra…then a lady launched her bra into the ring and it landed on the refs head!

What is your ambition for your career?

My goal is to go all the way to the top headlining WrestleMania. But for the next few years my goal is to be recognised worldwide, so getting myself into Japan and America and so on.

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Thanks for the chat Ricky and all the best with your career and with WAW! 

Follow Ricky on Twitter by clicking here, and check out more information about WAW here.

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