5 Minutes With…Natalie Redman

I sat down with blogger Natalie Redman for a chat about her brilliantly named UpYourVlog website.
Natalie covers a wide range of subjects on her site, and has a big number of fans and followers. We talked about how she manages her time and what inspired her to get started with her great website.


Thanks for joining me Natalie, could you tell us a bit about your blog and when you started it?

My blog is called UpYourVlog and I’ve been running it for around three and a half years now. I didn’t seriously start blogging on a daily basis until just over a year ago. It’s a lifestyle blog mainly, covering topics relating to Fashion, Beauty, Health and Fitness. I also try and cover advice and personal themed blog posts when I can.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I decided to start blogging just after I finished university. I was craving a creative outlet and writing was something I really enjoyed. I also needed to get my mum off my back with questions she’d ask me on a daily basis. At least now she knows what I’m up to!

You have worked with different businesses/brands through your blog which a lot of bloggers would love to do, how do you go about this?

I started off using a website called Bloggers Required which enabled me to review products and attend events. From that, I started getting a lot more activity through my inbox and I am constantly e-mailing PR companies to sign up to their databases. It’s surprising how some people manage to get your email. I also use Tweetdeck and Facebook Groups to find more paid opportunities.

Tell us how you organise your time around posting on your website and achieving deadlines?

I’m constantly on the wagon and then off it when it comes to scheduling and organising my time. I try and manage it week by week, making sure I have an evening to pre-schedule all my posts, tweets and Facebook posts. I always make sure I keep this promotion up as it’s important to keep my posts active but sometimes I do miss a day or two!

Apricot ClothingWhat is your current go-to social network? What software/website do you use to write your blog? Do you have any apps you couldn’t live without?

My current social networking platform is Instagram. I love how I can share some of my own personality on this platform which I struggle to do on Twitter.

What are your future plans for your blog?

My future plans for my blog and for my writing in general are to make it a full-time career, earning enough to live comfortably. I would also love to write a book. Perhaps a crime novel…

What do you do for fun?

I love reading. I’m trying to do more travelling and I’m also an aspiring actress.

Leave us with a motivational thought that is no more than five words!

Hard work eventually equals success!

Spanish Steps (1)

Thanks so much for your time Natalie – love the five words that you have left us with!

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