Crowdfunded art – the new way to connect artists and fans?

I am a huge fan of art, though it is in the ‘I may not know art, but I know what I like’  sense and I am therefore not the most cultured (or knowledgeable) in the world.

I really enjoy modern, pop, street as well as more traditional work – I have always had huge admiration for artists that can create something that represents both reality and abstract, but I find it a little intimidating to know where to start in terms of finding new artists outside of the traditional.

Enter crowdfunding


Sure, you have heard of Kickstarter from the strangely alluring tech nonsense that you don’t need but you suddenly yearn for once you watch a well-produced video…and for just £x you can help to produce a great product (and reward incentive) at the same time. Increasingly artists are now using platforms like this, and I sat down with Matt Forster to talk about his current project, his past experiences and his future ambitions.

Matt is an English artist who has developed skills over the last 25 years to become fantastic at what he does. He has a gallery in Northumberland and has spent time in many countries across the world honing his craft. He is now developing a unique Colour Contrast Watercolour book through Kickstarter funding, you can read more about Matt here.

The target is for the first stage is £1,500 and Matt is already steaming past this (£1,700 raised at time of writing) with many of the extra incentives alABOUTready being used – there are still some available however and it is a great way to directly support an artist and get something out of it yourself.

The latest project Matt is funding through this Kickstarter project will be a limited edition artists book – think of a top quality Collector’s Edition and unique artwork, and you wont be far wrong.

There are a number of stages to this campaign with Stage 1 already complete in terms of funding – this interactive project will continue to build into a 2-3 year project that will have many exclusives only available through Kickstarter. You can sign up to get updates for Stage 2 and beyond by signing up to Matt’s email updates (through his site) where you will also receive his newsletter.

Each beautiful work of art will include an original piece of Matt’s artwork, so no two pieces will be the same. The rewards are also unique for this project, and many are available at less than half of the standard gallery price – this is a great way to show off some unique artwork in your home rather than going for the token Ikea canvas, and without spending tens of thousands of pounds!m j forster




Matt has had success with crowdfunding in the past. In 2014 he over funded a £15,000 target to create a beautiful 64 page retrospective collector’s book, printing 1,000 copies which are now almost sold out. His latest project offers a great opportunity for people to get involved in art at a ground level, connecting directly with the artist to allow him to create some fantastic and unique work that cant be found in this format elsewhere.

For me, this is the unique and special aspect of crowdfunding – crowd is really the key word. Where else could you link directly with an individual to not only help them to achieve their dreams, and also to get some really special things in return?

Mark forster 4

In his latest project, Matt is offering a number of unique rewards based on the money pledged. The rewards start at just £25 and range up to £750 and more – you could be in possession of an original piece of work that will also help to fund the collector’s book.

I am really impressed with Matt’s work and through my interactions with him I have found him to be a really good guy. Whilst I may not know art, I do know I like Matt’s work, and I look forward to seeing his project develop and really place him on the map in the world of UK art.


You can find out more about Matt by clicking here for his website, and following his Kickstarter project here.

Mark Forster 5

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