Crowdfunding art with M J Forster – the next phase

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how crowdfunding art may create a new generation of artists and supporters, the benefit being that artists can fund unique works and supporters could even receive a unique item in return (as well as having the warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone achieve their goal).

I spoke to British fine artist Matt Forster about a really exciting Colour Contrast project that he had kicked off with Kickstarter (you can read more about it here), after previous successful funding campaigns.

Phase 2 of his Crowdfunding campaign has just started, after Phase 1 was successfully funded in just four days. The reason for the latest phase is to raise finance to make enough copies of the high quality books, continuing a long industry tradition of artist’s books.

The limited edition books will be hand stitched and made to a very high standard. Expected to consist of 48 pages, they will contain 40 images of Matt’s 2017 Colour Contrast work and minimal text. There are expected to be just 100 copied printed initially, with the books likely to retail at around £250. There will also be an opportunity to buy a discounted copy of the book in the third and final phase of funding which will kick off in the Autumn.

Matt’s Colour Contrast project is quite different to anything I have seen before, and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished article. The images painted in watercolour shimmer and change as you look at them (especially in person), and I am so impressed that someone has the talent (and patience!) to paint something like this – it truly is a talent.

Another interesting point is that Matt had previously only painted using primary colours, but earlier this year he began to breakdown the colour combinations that can be seen using a simple 12 point colour wheel, and it is this work that has led onto his latest interpretation.


There are 14 days left of this phase of the funding, with £660 raised to date of the £2,500 target. I see crowdfunded art as a unique way to connect with the artist and most importantly support the artist direct, it also allows the supporters to get a unique reward.

Rewards on Matt’s latest Kickstarter begin at just £25, with original work sent to anywhere in the world as a thank you for your support. The rewards are limited editions available to Kickstarter only, and are at less than half of the price you would pay at a gallery – this is a great opportunity to get some original artwork and support Matt’s project at the same time! Turn your back on the mass-produced canvas prints your friends have (you know, the close up of the flower and the New York scene – we all have friends with them!), and get something unique for your home.

I am going to track this project through to completion to see if funding is achieved, if you would like to support this unique project you can do so by clicking here

You can also connect with Matt on Twitter by clicking here


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