Get Christmas movies (and others) for free, legally (not click bait I promise!)

Accessing free box-office Christmas movies legally, sound too good to be true? Read on my suspicious friend, and see how I just did this, and as a result will be kicking back to watch my favourite (It’s a Wonderful Life) later today, gratis.

How can I get this?

Now TV is an on demand service from Sky which allows you to sign up to watch movies, sports and one-off events for a one-off (or monthly) fee with no contract (or Sky subscription).

Now TV are currently offering 14 days free for new subscribers, you can sign up here, select Sky Cinema pass and register your email address and account details. You will need to give debit card information as it will auto renew after 14 days and charge you £9.99 per month, BUT you can cancel the auto renew at any time without losing access – so once you are all signed up, go into your account and cancel if you don’t want to keep it for longer than that (there is no contract).

How do I access?

You can access Now TV from a variety of sources from games consoles (I used my PS4), set top boxes (including Roku and Apple TV), selected Smart TVs (mainly LG, Samsung) and other options (including Chromecast) which you can find here.

The trial will take you to Boxing Day (or past that, depending on when you read this article!) and will provide some great family movie nights in the lead up to the big day for free.

Once you are signed up, use the username and password to log in to your chosen device and that’s it! You have instant access to stream over 1000 movies on demand, with a Christmas section much better than you will find on Netflix.

There are some other good films within the service as well, and as a long term Netflix subscriber there are many that are not already on Netflix (both old and new).

sign up to now tv free 14 day trial

This post is not sponsored by Now TV in any way, but I signed up yesterday and was pretty impressed, so wanted to share my experience with you lovely people too.


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