100 Word Story – Drunk in Love

Here is a silly little 100 word short story that I wrote for a literary competition, I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys.

It’s actually quite challenging to make something interesting out of 100 words, so hopefully you like it:

Drunk in Love

What a magical evening. It was the result of months of planning, and years of anticipation – Andrew and Jen were finally engaged.

Their wonderful holiday peaked on this final night with a romantic meal on the beachfront, Jen had always dreamt of something so romantic. Just as in the movies, Andrew had offered the most beautiful sparkling ring, and Jen cried as she accepted.

They lay down in the sand after many celebration drinks, falling asleep in each other’s arms with nothing to awaken them, drunk in love.

The tide then came in gently, and washed them both away.


(C) MJW 2017


  1. This was so simple and nice. I’d love to be drunk in love lol sounds like fun. I also like the nice beach cities you used. And you’re righteous, 100 words is very hard so greaat job! ☺️

    xx Lena | https/


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