Next level Gaming?

When I was younger and I’d go along to my local cinema, I’d always dream that I could either live there, or have a TV screen of that size in my house somehow. Sure, I was a weird kid, but we’re not talking about that right now (I have a therapist for that); and I’m sure you experienced ‘screen envy’ when you went to the cinema (or your rich mate’s house), and then went home to your 14″ portable, questioning what life is really all about.

As well as films, as always thought about how crazy it would be to game on one of those screens – can you imagine? Mario being about ten foot tall, or Sensible Soccer looking like an epic real life match (you can see the era I was brought up in). Then, fast forwarding a few years – imagining COD or GTA on a cinema screen – it would be like being in the film!

In the last ten years, more and more people have bought projectors, and again I start to get envious thoughts of how I could hook one of those up to my games console – but quality is always going to be an issue, as well as light. I’d need to black out the whole room, do something clever with a screen to project onto, and even after all of that, the quality wouldn’t be too hot.

Anyone that knows me will know that would become a serious issue – I take anything less than high definition as a personal insult to my good character.

So, 2018 – how are you going to solve this conundrum? Well, step forward Panasonic with the ridiculous EX750!

Panasonic EX750 4k Television

The TV is Panasonic’s flagship model and comes with 4k Pro HDR technology (which makes for an unbelievable clear picture) as standard. It’s available in a crazy 75-inch size, as well as 65-inch, 58-inch and 50-inch versions. This is one beastly bit of kit!

The specification is insane, ideal for movie nights (Netflix and Chill?) as well as fully immersive gameplay. No, this isn’t any old 14″ portable – this comes with Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming of the LED backlight, and a super-fast panel (with 2,400khz processing power)  built in to stop any lagging between quick scene changes (essential for gaming). All of this means that it’ll keep up with whichever console you have – including PS4 Pro and XBOX One X – and display outstanding pictures.

It also features a new Cinema Display designed to show exactly what the filmmakers intended by combining wide cinematic colours, enhanced local dimming for inky blacks with subtle gradations, and outstanding levels of brightness.

Panasonic has pushed the envelope of design even further with its  clever ‘Switch Design’. It allows the 50-inch and 58-inch model’s screens to be fixed in any one of four vertical positions for a freestanding or cabinet mounted design solution, while a swivel option on the 50-inch, 58-inch and 65-inch models gives even more flexibility for achieving the perfect viewing angle. The ‘Switch Design’ incorporates a cable management solution which ensures all wires are neatly hidden from view in the stand’s central pole – this is really important for people like me who have issues with wires being on show.

The Panasonic EX750 is one of the best, if not the best televisions on the market today. The specification is innovative and outstanding, and will provide an amazing experience whatever you are using it for.

I actually think that this is far better than that cinema screen I wanted all those years ago – the picture is clearer (none of this 4K business in my day!), and, maybe best of all…I don’t have to listen to someone chewing popcorn loudly or talking throughout the film.

Panasonic EX750 4k Television

You can find out more about the EX750 model by clicking here.

This was a collaborative post with Panasonic.

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