Poem – The Ballad of Brexit

I’ve posted this a couple of times on my Twitter feed, but I wanted to share it as a post so that hopefully a few more people can see it.

For me, Brexit is pretty disastrous. I wont get too political, and I wont pretend that the EU is an organisation that gets absolutely everything right, but it feels that so many people were caught up in a wave of PR and confusion that many were voting for a rose tinted memory of their childhood. I truly hope that we are able to make some sort of success out of Brexit, and we must respect the vote.

Anyway, onto my poem. I hope you find it interesting. You’ll find more here.

The Ballad of Brexit

The time is almost upon us, rejoice ye, rejoice

It is almost the day of Brexit, and now time to use your voice.

President Davis is smiling, and leading our way,

but what can we do about Prime Minister May?

Her Cabinet is in pieces, and it’s a great distraction

from Michel Barnier’s words and demands, and Britain’s lack of action.

Inflation is up, wages are flat and Boris acts shifty,

maybe he is our saviour for Article 50?

“We can use the money for the NHS and protect the Nation’s health!”

Or maybe concentrate on protecting their wealth.

“We can stop those immigrants from stealing our jobs!”

Those Surgeons, those Nurses, those Doctors, those slobs.

The government are confident, we will implement a new order;

though we don’t know what will happen to the Irish border.

“Don’t worry, we can go back to what made Britain Great!”

Take one Daily Mail twice a day with a spoonful of hate.

Lancaster bombers and Cornish pasties, we’ll stick it to those EU nasties.

Cream teas, blue passports and a stiff upper lip, remember Winston Churchill shooting from the hip.

Rule Britannia and wave your flag; but a three day week and colonialism are no reason to brag.

The young didn’t vote for this but they don’t understand!

Brexit will make this country great again; now hold out your hand.

More? You want more? You will get what you are given,

but hardship from hard-Brexit can’t be forgiven.

Can we please now unite and work on being kind?

Drop the hate week agenda and actually use your mind?

Question and challenge the garbage that’s spout, and don’t listen to what the tabloids want to tell you about.

Politicians, this is not about your career, ego, party or self.

It is about the state of this nation and your Country’s health.



  1. This is perfect! Good job on this. I was living in the UK during all the campaigning etc and I was really saddened to hear the results! It always makes me laugh when people go on about immigrants coming to the UK, when Great Britain colonised pretty much the whole world and they moved into other people’s countries. (rant over).
    Femenish ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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