Moz the Monster comes alive in LEGO form!

Big brand Christmas television adverts have fast become one of the staple lead up moments to Christmas. You know that it’s okay to start to get excited for the festive period as soon as those adverts appear on YouTube, and get shared by all of your mates on social media.

John Lewis has become the key player in the advertising space, with heart warming emotive ads from the Bear and the Hare in 2013, the Man in the Moon in 2015, right up to the cuddly Moz the Monster in 2017.

As well as amazing visuals, the adverts are always accompanied by some outstanding musical scores, usually a twist on a well-known song by a different artist, the latest being a Beatles cover (Golden Slumbers) by Elbow.

With this in mind, I was fortunate to be approached by John Lewis about what could be THE greatest brand collaboration ever, in the history of the World, ever (ad infinitum).

Get ready for your mind to be blown…

The greatest Christmas ads by one of the UK’s biggest and most loved brands, combined with the greatest ever plaything – the toy not just for kids but for adults worldwide – LEGO!

I spent many a day in my childhood (and adulthood) making spaceships, cars, buildings and pretty much anything else (abstract works were my speciality) out of LEGO blocks, so the opportunity to see the characters from John Lewis’ ads in LEGO was one I couldn’t let pass me by.

John Lewis have teamed up with some very smart and creative people to create LEGO versions of their wonderful Christmas ads – I was sent the latest one, Moz the Monster.

Now I am the type of guy that loves instructions, so in LEGO terms I do like playing by the rules (think of President Business in The LEGO Movie!), but it really impresses me when creative people knock designs up for people like me – and that was what happened with Moz.

I had my moments of slight frustration in the building process, but it is an amazing little reminder of one of my favourite Christmas adverts of 2017, and a nice reminder of a character that we all warmed to (and let’s be honest, we all hope that he stuck around despite giving his little buddy a nightlight).

john lewis lego moz

I then found out that John Lewis had done similar in previous years, to amazing effect! Here is the Man on the Moon (partnership with Age UK):

john lewis man on the moon

and of course, my second favourite (just behind Moz) – The Bear and the Hare:

john lewis christmas lego

Thanks again John Lewis for sharing these cool LEGO designs, and well done to those clever creative so-and-so’s who can come up with such clever items!

Check out these stats for how long and how many bricks each took:

  • 2012: The Journey – 1,800 bricks, 18 hours
  • 2013: The Bear and the Hare – 2,400 bricks, 20 hours
  • 2014: Monty the Penguin – 2,300 bricks, 22 hours
  • 2015: Man on the Moon – 1,700 bricks, 33 hours
  • 2016: Buster the Boxer – 1,200 bricks, 23 hours
  • 2017: Moz the Monster – 2,650 bricks, 53 hours

The six LEGO scenes were on display in the Toy department (within the LEGO section of the 4th floor) at John Lewis’ flagship store on Oxford Street, just before Christmas. You can find out more about the whole thing here.

A very cool collaboration I’m sure you will agree!

John_Lewis_Logo (1)

This was a collaborative post with John Lewis.


  1. Awww Moz!!! I was working in central over Christmas and walked past the window every day…he’s as adorable in Lego form as he is in…well in cuddly form! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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