Happy St Dwynwen’s Day! (…but what does it mean? Full explanation and inspiration included)

The Welsh are an affectionate bunch, we love nothing more than giving you a cwtch* when we meet you, we’ll have a chat with you on public transport (imagine that), we’ll give you anything you need, and you are always welcome over your mate’s house (especially when there is a game on).

So today, January 25th is important – today is when we celebrate the Welsh patron saint of lovers – St Dwynwen. You can think of it as the Welsh version of St Valentine’s Day.wales st dwynwen's day

Who was St Dwynwen?

Dwynwen was a 4th Century Welsh princess who lived in what is now the Brecon Beacons National Park. Unfortunately she was unlucky in love, she became a nun and prayed that true lovers have better luck than she did. We celebrate her and true love on the 25th January each year.

What can I get my loved one today?

You can of course get your loved one anything you want, but I would suggest something with a Cymru twist. Don’t go for the tacky trinket nonsense that you find in your local card shop, think about what your loved one would actually like or what could make their day special.

Romantic idea 1

How about a romantic stroll in a park or up a mountain (if you’re in Wales, head to Brecon to be true to Dwynwen) and pack a Welsh themed picnic. Some great cheese (Black Bomber is award winning!), some customary fresh Welsh Cakes, topped off with a little tipple of Penderyn.


Romantic idea 2

If you’re both busy working or looking after kids, or you just don’t like the outdoors, then bring Wales indoors!

Cook a lovely meal with inspirations from Wales, maybe a Welsh Goat’s Cheese and Leek Tart or Smoked Haddock Rarebit, get a nice bunch of daffodils in the room next to your roses (that I’m sure you have bought already for your love), and pop some nice music on in the background – you could go old school and cliche and head for the likes of Tom Jones, or bring things a little more up to date with the great Welsh indie and pop music of the 90’s and 00’s (Stereophonics, Catatonia, Manic Street Preachers, Marina and the Diamonds) or spice things up with some current Welsh rock from the likes of Trampolene or anything from Gruff Rhys.

welsh daffodils

Can I celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day if I’m not Welsh?

Of course! It would be great to see more people spread some love around, I think that we could all do with some.

So have a great day, smile to strangers, or just do something nice for someone, especially your other half if you have one.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus xx

*P.S. a Cwtch (prounounced Cwtsch) is a bit like a cuddle or a hug, but only available in Wales (or from a Welsh person) and so, so much better than a cuddle or a hug!

welsh love


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