Nine Royal Rumble 2018 predictions

Here are my nine Royal Rumble predictions (massive punts) for this year, lists of ten are just so predictable. The list is split into seven interesting potential entrants and two winners:

Interesting entrants

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The first ever winner of the Rumble back in 1988 – he has to be there hasn’t he? Hooooooooooo Tough Guy!

wwe hacksaw jim duggan


It’s him, it’s him, it’s um DDP. The Benjamin Button of the Wrestling and Yoga world is looking better now than he did in the 90s, and always gets a great crowd reaction.

Kurt Angle

Surely the Olympian GM will make a nostalgic appearance, especially after his cameo appearance with The Shield last year.

Batista returns

Here’s the first big punt for me, I can see the big Bond villain himself coming back for one last run, and where better to return than the Rumble (which he won a few years back in his last return)?

EC3 debut

Ethan Carter is allegedly WWE bound following his departure from Impact/TNA/GFW/Insert-whatever-they-are-called-this-week here. He could get a huge pop from the crowd, similar to AJ Style’s debut a couple of years back.

ec3 wwe ethan carter

Ronda Rousey debut

This year sees the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. 30 Women will compete using the same rules as the guys have for the last thirty years. I can see this as a perfect time for UFC megastar Ronda Rousey to make her long-rumoured WWE debut.

Ronda Rousey WWE UFC

Lita returns

As well as some amazing current talent in the Women’s division and potential new talent (just like Ronda Rousey), nostalgic appearances are extremely welcome in any Rumble – so with this in mind I would expect a few in the Women’s Rumble, and I certainly think a WWE Legend like Lita will make an appearance.

Winners of Men’s Rumble

John Cena

The face that runs the place, the guy that eats the pie, the chap that wrestles like crap (I’m joking John, I’m joking!) will eliminate Roman Reigns to win the 2018 Rumble and go on to have one last hurrah.

Yes, everyone has called another Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania match for the past two years or so, it is apparently going to be the time when Reigns finally makes it. I don’t see it that way though and I think a swerve to the one and only Cena is the way we are heading.

Winner of Women’s Rumble


Asuka has been a phenomenon since her debut in NXT and then the main roster of WWE. The Women’s division is very strong with some great characters, but I see this as Asuka’s crowning moment, making history as the first every winner of the Women’s Rumble. I did wonder whether the debuting Rousey would win, but I think they will engineer a slightly screwy elimination to get rid of her and then give Asuka the main spot.

wwe asuka

And that’s it from me! No CM Punk, no Daniel Bryan, not even Ryback mentioned. What do you think will happen?

All images copyright of WWE, Impact Wrestling and UFC.

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