Royal Rumble 2018 review (rowdy, ruddy full of spoilers!)

Well let’s look at my predictions from a couple of days ago – I, ahem, got 3 out of 9 right (Asuka win / Lita return / Rousey debut).

Not my best ever showing (better than Sheamus) but anyway, here are my brief thoughts on the three big matches of the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble:

Men’s Royal Rumble

It was pretty, pretty good. Some nice spots and funny parts as always (Kofi’s spot was interesting!), and I was quite happy to see Mysterio and Hurricane come back (even if they weren’t my favourites in the past).

I thought Elias came across well (‘they’ obviously think a lot of him), Goldust looked in good shape (DDP Yoga?) and the Heath Slater (repeated) entrance attempts were quite funny.

I’m really pleased for Balor, I thought he gave a great showing and him lasting so long (almost an hour!) will hopefully mean a strong 2018 for Finn. Cena and Reigns were a little predictable with the usual token toyshop moveset, and it’s clear what the vocal crowds thought of them both (they played up to it well)…but overall I’m happy that we have a new made name in Nakamura.

I would really have liked to have seen some more nostalgia acts (Duggan, Honky Tonk, DDP?) as well as some Brits like Pete Dunne or Tyler Bate instead of some of the token jobbers like O’Neil and English. I did like the old vs new face off within the final six though and it was also great to see some NXT stars enter, especially Adam Cole Baybay!

wwe royal rumble

nakamura wwe

Score – 3.99 Balors out of 6

Universal title

Pretty poor match unfortunately. Couple of reasonable spots with announce tables and all that, but it was over quickly and it was quite formulaic. Unimpressed, and Brock bores me.

brock lesnar wwe

Score – 1.45 Tables out of 6

Women’s Rumble

I really enjoyed this! It was great to see some of the nostalgia acts (from Molly Holly to Michelle McCool, Jackie and Kelly Kelly!), who all looked in great shape and very capable! It was also great to see two pioneers of Women’s Wrestling in WWE – Trish and Lita.

I thought the NXT stars (Kairi Sane and Ember Moon) looked strong, and it was a shame that Sasha seemed to hide outside of the action a little too much; cool Wonder Woman-style outfit though.

Bit of a botched ending between Nikki and Asuka, but a nice flow all the way through. I called the Asuka win in my predictions (that was about the only thing I did call correctly) but I was then a little disappointed with how ‘Rowdy’ Rousey (UFC legend and film star) made her debut and seemed to take the shine away from Asuka’s win. I would have liked Asuka to have her moment and chosen her opponent, and then Rousey to debut and maybe face off against the other (presumably Charlotte).

I also would have liked Rousey to stop repeatedly pointing at the Wrestlemania sign! I did like her mean, serious face though.

Well done Asuka who maintains her streak!

ronda rousey wwe

ronda rousey wwe

4.79 Bellas out of 6

What did you think of the first big Wrestling event of 2018?

(C) All images are copyright of WWE 2018.


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