AQUA Carpatica product review

Experts recommend eight glasses a day as a minimum, the human body made up of around 55% of the stuff, and around 71% of the earth is covered with it – yes you guessed it, I’m talking water.

I don’t tend to reach eight glasses if I’m honest, and I tend to drink tap water at home (I always mean to buy one of those filtered jug thingy’s) – it’s something that I am really conscious of as I know that neither of those things are great for me. I need to drink more water and I should drink more filtered/natural water.2c1a6ab5d9c6d53e2f917b3cb81758bb_XL.jpg

AQUA Carpatica got in touch and offered me a couple of free bottles of their new water to try, calling it the ‘silkiest mineral water in the world’ – I was intrigued! So this is a little bit about them and the product:

AQUA Carpatica has the lowest sodium level of any bottled natural mineral water on the market and is award-winning. It comes from the Bajenaru aquifer in the Carpathian Mountains, harvested at the earth’s surface using environmentally friendly technology that allows it to remain free from impurities. It has a naturally high alkaline pH level (7.8), and I was told to expect a crisp, clean taste.

Now I’m a little cynical, water is water eh? But I’ll be honest, I tried the Still Natural AQUA and it genuinely tasted great straight from the bottle! It definitely tastes a lot better than the tap water than I’m used to (heathen, I know), and it is something that I would certainly buy again.

I don’t tend to be too precious about what bottled water brand I buy as I tend to think it all tastes the same, but there was a definite ‘clean’ taste to this which is a little hard to describe, and it would be one that I would choose over the usual competitors when I see it in the shops in future.


I love the unusual design of the bottles! I was sent the bottles with a slightly squared shape (as per the larger picture above) and I really like the shape and feel of the bottle (which is BPA free and 100% recyclable). You can also buy glass bottles if you are avoiding plastic.

All in all a great taste which I would recommend. Pretty silky AQUA Carpatica! Prettty, prettty silky (said in a Larry David-voice).

As well as the Still, there is a Sparkling Mineral Water available in the range which is derived from a naturally occurring sparkling spring, the spring organically carbonates the water which is pretty cool, and different to the artificially produced sparkling water found in many other brands (which can taste a little odd).

AQUA Carpatica is available throughout the UK and Ireland in places like Tesco, Amazon, Whole Foods Market , Harrods and over 300 independent outlets. Give it a go!

Twitter: @AQUACarpaticaUK
Instagram: @aquacarpatica
Facebook: AQUA.Carpatica.UK

aqua carpatica

I received two free samples but no payment for this review. It is independently written and honest.

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