Inspirational Poetry – Spirit and Soul equine therapy

Spirit and Soul Equine Assisted Activity Centre is a not for profit organisation based in Derbyshire. They provide equine-assisted therapy and interactive learning activities with horses to individuals, groups and families to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.​
horse therapy
All of their horses come from different backgrounds and each have healed, emotionally and physically, meaning they are now in a place to help people.​ Some of the difficulties that they support people with include:

· Trauma
· Illness
· Dilemmas in life
· Low confidence/self esteem
· Stress and anxiety
· Loss/change of direction​

It is an inspirational place with these wonderful animals at the heart of everything they do. But where does poetry come into this story?

equine therapy horse poetry


In October 2017 a group of ladies with complex needs started a ten-week programme at the centre.

They all had different levels of need, many were recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, previous domestic violence, mental health problems and physical health problems. Each started the programme barely talking to one another, with very low self esteem and generally being unable to cope well with life.

By the end of the ten weeks the progress made was amazing.

Staff at the centre tracked their progress and saw an increase in confidence levels of 57%, increase in resilience of 51%, increase their ability to cope with stress by 95%, and their ability to cope with difficulties in life developed by 35%.

The ladies spent one day per week with the service for ten weeks, it inspired a number of them to write some beautiful poetry about what the service did for them, and their experiences over the last ten weeks.

Below are the poems about their time with Spirit and Soul:


Being with the horses

Makes me feel calm

Because I know when I’m with them

I’m safe from harm

I feel more assertive

Confident and bright

And I know with the horses

I’ll be alright


 Fields, grass, quiet and peace

My headaches have begun to cease

I’m free to think

My mind is free

With only the horses to distract me


Trevor made me feel calm

 I forget the pain I’m in.

They make me feel reassured,

 and that I can win.


On my first day I felt very scared

I really felt confidence impaired

I couldn’t go within the pen

The things I could not do back then

Sarah was fab, I felt safe with the horse

The farrier came and we learned of course

The horses hooves were cut and filed

When it was done we all smiled

The fresh air is fab, now I can trust Trevor

Before the course I would have never

The staff and horses are really great

I think that Trevor is now my mate


When I felt vulnerable

I held onto the rope

I was encouraged by others,

and was able to cope


I came to this lovely place

And I came face to face

With the amazing horse called Trevor

My love for him will last forever

I feel so safe

I never thought I would

Walking through the ice and the mud

He makes me smile when I feel down

I feel so happy when he’s around

Looking into my eyes

He sees my soul

And when I’m with him

I can be in control


It’s lovely to be here with the horses

I enjoy being near them again

Walking them around the pen

It brought me back to being a child

It’s helped me to make new friends

I started off being anxious

But I’m more confident, near the end

I learnt how to communicate

By doing different exercises

We worked with horses

Of all shapes and sizes

I feel more confident

Working in big groups

I love being with my new troops.


You can find out more about Spirit and Soul Equine Therapy on Facebook  and on their Website.


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