5 Minutes With…The Dynasty (Coach Kid, Richie Pepperfield, Katalina Perez and Mr Baseball)

Independent Wrestling is so hot right now, and I took the opportunity to chat to an up and coming stable within the American indy circuit – The Dynasty, Wrestling’s only Baseball team!

dynasty wrestling

I spoke to four of their members, including Coach Kid (their Manager), to find out more about them, including how they got started and their ambitions for the future. The Dynasty have featured in various promotions across the States, including FTPW and ACW and currently hold Tag Team gold.

Coach Kid

coach kid

Hey Coach, thanks for your time. Can you tell us how you got started in the business?

I got started in the business because of my dad actually – I always had a love for wrestling and one day I came home from school and he told me he had invested in a wrestling company named ACW, and to this day we are still going as ACW has shows every Wednesday, and a big show on the first Saturday of every month

How do you feel having a great team to work with?

I love the team that I have. Every time we come through the curtain people tell us that we look like we are genuinely having fun, and it’s because we are if we aren’t having fun then why are we doing this right? We all get along so well and I know I have genuinely good people around me to represent my team I love them

You’ve been in the business for five years and you’re only 19, what do you want to achieve?

I’d love to really see the world – I’d love to go to Japan that’s on the bucket list, I’m never content with what I’m doing, I always feel like I can be doing something more to better myself and the team

Who is your inspiration?

In wrestling I have a few however AJ Styles is on top, he’s the best wrestler in the world in my opinion and seeing his journey to the top has inspired me to want to be the best.

My friend Troy Hollywood is another inspiration, he may be the best unknown wrestler. I feel like he gets overlooked sometimes and he shouldn’t he is great every match he has is amazing, I truly believe he can wrestle anyone and make it match of the night he inspires me every time I see him he’s a great person through and through

You’ve worked for a number of different promotions, what one match you have been involved in stands out the most?

I love the match we had at BRAWL USA in Spring Hill, Florida against The Clover Clan it was a great match but it holds a place in my heart because it was the match where we won our first tag titles which we still have to this day

There was also a match I was a part of before The Dynasty became a thing at Real Pro Wrestling in Ave Marie, Florida. It was Troy Hollywood & Steven Frick w/ myself vs Prestin Caine & Donnie Abel we had the time of our lives that night

What is your all-time favourite match to watch?

The main event of NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way:

Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze

That night they made magic, I go back and watch that match at least once every six months.

Tell us how people can keep track of what you and The Dynasty are up to?

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheDynasty3. We also have a YouTube Channel where we have a series called Where’s Mr. Baseball where we constantly have to go on an adventure to find our mascot

You can follow Coach Kid on Twitter here.

Katalina Perez

katalina perez

Can you tell us how you got started in the business?

I’ve watched wrestling my whole life, my parents watched it, so I joined in. I was on Twitter one day & saw Jay Lethal was running a school in Tampa, I contacted him & kept our conversation in my back pocket. A couple months later I emailed him again asking if he was still running the school  and he said yes that orientation was actually that week. I stopped by and the rest is history.

Who is your inspiration?

Growing up: Dolph Ziggler, the man just wanted to show he was good. He wanted you to know that you don’t have to look a certain way to put on match of the night day in & day out.

Currently: Troy Hollywood, talking to this man about wrestling you can just see how much he loves it. When he trains you he wants you to be the best, he won’t sugarcoat it, he will give you that tough love because this is wrestling, if it were easy anybody could do it. He shows you that this is tough, but if you love it, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

What was your favourite match as a youngster?

Growing up it was definitely Trish Stratus vs Lita at Unforgiven when Trish retired. You have no idea how many times I watched that match & did the exact moves with my friends.

What one match you have been involved in stands out the most?

Honestly, every match. I’m just getting started & in every match I learn something new. Every match I can take something away & apply it to bettering myself.

You were trained by Jay Lethal, tell us about that.

Jay is just an amazing guy in & out of the ring. He has so much patience. If you’re not getting something, he will adjust it to what suits you best. He wants you to get it, he will never give up on you.

What do you think of the current focus on women’s wrestling?

Women’s wrestling is something that is very important to me. Growing up, I don’t remember much but the feud that stuck out to me was Trish & Lita, mainly towards the end, that’s when Mickie James came around. It was good, then it became just something that wasn’t what we see today. The girls were an afterthought. Now girls are stepping up. Now WWE has these amazing women who are getting the same match stipulations as the guys. & out of WWE, you see companies just based on woman, like Shine, which is amazing. I just want the world to see what woman can do & that they actually care for wrestling & love it more than anything.

You can follow Katalina on Twitter here.

Richie Pepperfield

richie pepperfield

Can you tell us how you got started in the business?

Honestly like most people it was a couple of us just having fun doing backyard stuff till we realised we wanted to give this a shot. My buddy Rome went first and found a school then later trained with the Puerto Rican hound dog and next thing I was going with him to train and then few months later I was in Fort Myers at New Era Wrestling having my first match.

Who is your inspiration?

Being average size my inspiration has come from guys of similar builds. Jeff hardy and AJ Styles are my two top inspirations and why I even wanted to do this in the first place.

What was your favourite match as a youngster?

My household growing up never watched wrestling. So I don’t have those memories of being 5 and turning the knobs of the TV with my dad. My two friends next door Alex and Adam who are still good friends to this day got me hooked around the time HHH was facing Goldberg, and Bischoff was in charge. So my memories were started then. Of course I’d flip though and remember seeing it on TV, but I have two matches that stood out when I started watching and that’s JBL vs Big show in the barbed wire steel Cage match at No Way Out; and the Rumble that year where Vince tore his quads sliding in the ring and the winner was either Cena or Batista.

You’ve worked for a number of different promotions, what one match you have been involved in stands out the most?

As far as singles matches I’d have to say the one I had at ACW with Aaron Epic I thought was good and a lot of the boys said they liked it. Tag match would have to be when we won the Brawl USA tag belts with Jake Jones.

You worked as an extra at an ROH show, how was that?

It was amazing! I wish it was a televised event because I was used frequently. Not only did I break up two altercations as security but was used in two in ring segments. Donovan Dijak had me and two other come out with him as followers in jump suits and I came out next to him with a small flag with his name on it. We then stayed ringside and cheered for him. After that we came back out and tried to break up BJ Whitner and Punishment Martinez’s best down of Cheeseburger and Will. But we got laid out and chokeslammed. So it was fun.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

I do want to travel. I want to have wrestling take me places but most importantly wrestle back home in Massachusetts. My goal was to one day make it back home and wrestle for chaotic wrestling.

You can follow Richie on Twitter here.

Mr. Baseball

mr baseball

Can you tell us how you got started in the business?

I wasn’t exactly living the life before I was in The Dynasty. Though I was still a mascot, but it was of a kid’s baseball team. I would cheer ’em on and everything like that, but I felt like I could be doing more. Then, on one very faithful day, after one of their games were over, I was approached by Coach Kid on what was gonna turn my life around. He offered me a chance to ditch these kids and join his team where I’d actually have a fun time and that I’d go places that they could never have taken me. In short, it didn’t take me long to be convinced. I took off their jersey, threw it at the kid’s coach, and ran off with Coach Kid. We went to his place where he fitted me up with some new gear which was by far way more cool looking and comfortable. It was on that day that things were looking up for Mr. Baseball.

Who is your inspiration?

I like to take inspiration from some of wrestling’s more “wacky” characters. People like Gobbledy Gooker, Shockmaster, The Hurricane, superstars that had mother’s who’d ask “You do what?” in a very sceptical tone. These kind of superstars showed me that there ain’t nothing wrong with being weird.

What was your favourite match as a youngster?

I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a little teeball. My favourite match back then was Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair at WrestleMania XXIV. It was just so emotional. Two superstars of their own generations going head to head all leading up to the sad but happy end of Ric Flair’s wrestling career. Definitely a match I’m going to remember ’til I have Alzheimer’s.

What one match you have been involved in that stands out the most?

One match I always look back on is our match against Clover Clan at FTPW Fight Club: Revenge where we did eventually get our revenge funny enough. A few months before, they screwed us out of our win at Reloaded back in January. So when we heard we were going to get our payback on them, we knew we had to win. We trained and trained, and after a back and forth match, through blood and sweat, we took ’em down. When our music hit we celebrated like crazy, I got lifted up in the air. We were pretty much dancing out the arena that night.

You can follow Mr Baseball on Twitter here.

Thanks to The Dynasty for their time, don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel and give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram

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