Father’s Day gift guide – perfect presents for Papa

Father’s Day is coming very soon, and we all know that many dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. So with that in mind, welcome to my gift guide – created by a father (me), for someone looking for fatherly things (you).

There is a range of gifts for all budgets included, and hopefully you’ll find something different even for the most difficult dad to buy for:

WAKEcup (£15) – buy here

This funky re-usable cup is part of the range by WAKECup. With the horrendous impact of single use plastics and cups becoming more apparent each day (100 billion single use coffee cups end up in landfill every year!), there is no better time than to move across to a reusable cup like this one.

WAKEcup have teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to give a percentage of each sale to MCS. The 420ml WAKEcup is a farmed bamboo cup with stainless-steel lining and a recyclable polypropylene lid, it’s smartly designed and is even dishwasher safe. WAKEcup also have other great products which will help reduce your impact on the environment, check out their website – help the likes of MCS and give your dad a lovely gift at the same time.

Fitbit Iconic – Adidas Edition (£299) – buy here

Those standard thin Fitbit wristbands are sooo last year! Get your dad’s feet moving by getting him a Fitbit Iconic, especially this great looking new edition by Adidas. Movement trackers have moved on so much (pardon the pun) in recent times, and this is another great bit of kit from two respected brand leaders, and something that would suit running the streets or briskly walking to the next business meeting.

adidas fitbit

It includes Adidas Train (unique workouts with step by step coaching designed to make you a more dynamic runner), on-screen workouts, heart rate tracking, custom faces and lots more. Your paps will certainly stand out at the gym with one of these lovely wearables.

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Kit (£16.99) – buy here

Many people’s fond childhood memories of their dad revolve around his interesting interpretation of facial hair, whether it is a Magnum PI-esque moustache (in my case), or a Geoff Capes-conquering beard.

What better gift than one to help your dad keep his whiskers under control than this sharp travel kit from Percy Nobleman?

beard kit

The kit includes:

  • Beard Conditioning Oil (10ml)
  • Styling Wax Stick (5ml)
  • Beard Comb

A Signed and Special Edition book (prices from £6.99) – buy here

I love books, and really treasure gifts of new and old books from anyone that wants to give me any (hint, hint). Waterstones have a section of special edition signed books available online, there are some great choices here and I’m sure you will be able to find something suitable for your papa.

Authors within this section are varied and include Robert Peston, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Matt Haig, Eric Idle, Greg James and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Echo Dot 2nd generation (£39.99) – buy here

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more.

New voice activated kit appears on the market on a weekly basis (from lightbulbs to speakers), and these wonderful little bits of kit provide an assistant to help your dad manage his busy life and his tech.

Amazon echo dot

The Dot is a great introduction into the voice activated market, before going in with the bigger and more expensive kits (like Amazon Echo Plus, which is currently on sale for a bargain price of £139.99!).

I hope that gives you some ideas, let me know what you think of the gifts and whether you have any tips of your own!

Happy Father’s Day everyone x


  1. This is a lovely post. I love how you have included products which are at different price levels which is great because some people will have a different amount of money they would spend. I really enjoyed this… good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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