‘The Biggest Idea in the World’ – Book review: Everyone hopes to make it in Silicon Valley, maybe this idiot can

Well this is certainly a bold title, The Biggest Idea in the World! This new book by David Joland is about one man’s journey to meet (and beat) the so-called big boys in Silicon Valley. It’s a humorous journey through the trials and tribulations of tech and entrepreneurship.

the biggest idea in the world david joland

So what’s the book about?

Barry is failing at life – at love, at his career, at paying off his mounting pile of debts. But he has an idea. An idea he 100% believes is the greatest idea anyone in the world has ever had. So, with the very last credit available on his maxed-out cards, he kisses his almost-ex-wife goodbye and sets off to Silicon Valley – the centre of the universe for new ideas, where he’s convinced he’ll make his billions.

Except his first hurdle is finding a flight there, before he realises Silicon Valley doesn’t actually exist and really he needs a ticket to San Jose…

He lands with an old suitcase stuffed with non-disclosure agreements. You see, he’s learnt from previous mistakes. No one believes him, but he’s already thought of the idea for Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor – all of them. Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for – thieving his genius.

This time he’s prepared. He knows exactly what he’s got to do. He’s in no doubt he’s about to make his billions… If only he can pull it off.

new book david joland

The author David Joland, is an experienced entrepreneur based in Hertfordshire.

Starting his first business at 17, he’s gone on to start, build and sell several businesses in a range of sectors from advertising to tech, packaging to mail order.

Now, as an investor in business, David gets to meet the aspiring techies hoping to make their fortune with a fantastic idea – but no idea how to implement it. This group of  wannabe Zuckerbergs were the inspiration for this novel.

David Joland
Author – David Joland


I really enjoyed this book. The story moves quickly but at a sensible pace through fairly short chapters – I like this structure as it means that I can pick it up and put it back down easily. I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter, but being a busy chap I can’t always commit to a single long session of reading – this is ideal and meant I finished the book quite quickly.

Barry is the sort of character that you are invested in pretty early on, it’s a great
(and funny!) ride through the challenges in his life as he chases his dream. I would definitely recommend you give The Biggest Idea in the World a read.


I’m very pleased to share an extract from the book. In it, we meet Barry Goodman, the world’s funniest, most lovable loser, and go on a hilarious ride as he attempts to take on the corporate giants of the world…and beat them at their own game!

The Biggest Idea in the World:

“… and there’s someone here to whom I’d like to make an apology.”

The crowd quietens in preparation for what must be a quip. Maybe a film studio who missed out on the opportunity or perhaps an actor who turned it down.

“Of all my dear friends here tonight, there’s one who’s done a great deal for me, who’s inspired me, who’s driven me you might say.” He looks round, presumably for me, but with everyone pushing in front of me, I’m now back nearer the bar, leaning on it for support.

He pauses, and checks to ensure the cameras are capturing his every word.

“Well, I won’t mention his name so as not to embarrass him, but being in Silicon Valley, I feel this is the place to make the apology as this man is hoping to make his fortune here. Why am I apologising? Well, a week or so ago, I shred a whole bunch of NPAs or NDAs – I can’t remember what he called them – but he entrusted me with them for his Project Ronald.”

I try to order my thoughts. My mind might be fuzzy, but I try to get a grip on what’s being played out in slow motion. I remind myself we’re on prime time TV, covering every home and business in Silicon Valley, and probably the whole of America. There are probably millions of viewers, not to mention the biggest names in the online and tech world who are hearing him first hand, and, if I’m not mistaken, he’s just told them all, in short, I no longer have anyone’s signed Agreements protecting me from them stealing Project Ronald.

I jolt up and as I rush towards the exit, I throw up. Half of it’s down me, half of it’s down a woman who until seconds ago was very much more attractive than she is now.

I stop briefly, clutching hold of a post to steady myself when I hear Mickey’s punchline.

“I love you B. I hope they weren’t too important and I hope you’ll forgive me. If it’s any consolation, I’ve had your presentation put on my website so anyone can download it. If anyone’s interested, please take a look. He’s a bright guy and it’s a great project. If what I hear’s correct, the whole world will be using his idea soon.”

As impossible as it appears, the situation’s actually deteriorating even further before my very eyes. Not only does everyone know my idea’s no longer protected, but in case anyone’s not aware of it, they can now download the whole presentation on what it is and how it works.

I’m staggering around towards the exit as I see someone that looks like Mark Zuckerberg in the distance. I wonder whether I should go up and tell him about it in case he missed any of it, before I punch him. I realise, anything he’s missed he’ll catch on the re-run, or perhaps even download it directly from Mickey’s website.

As I’m rushing out of the complex, I pass a TV Van and see the TV monitor allowing me to catch the tail end of Mickey’s speech as he tells everyone he’s already writing the script for his next movie Silicon Hustler but I don’t need to hear what it’s about.

David Joland is a novelist and businessman. His debut novel, The Biggest Idea in the World, is available from Amazon, priced at £8.99 in paperback and £3.99 as an e-book. For more information see thebiggestideaintheworld.com


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