Mo Bro’s Beard & Moustache Travel Kit – Review

Do you remember Geoff Capes? Geoff was a real legendary figure of the 80s, someone todownload look up to in the Strongman competitions that graced our screens at tea time, and not only was he able to pull trucks with his teeth and lift up buildings (something like that), the guy had a cracking beard.

Thirty-odd years on and I am the proud wearer of a beard, and have been – at differing lengths – for about the last five years. I like to think that Geoff influenced this part of my life, though I chose a sedentary office job rather than shows of strength on children’s TV (I don’t like to show off).

I decided around a year ago to take my beard right back, and took hold of my trusty trimmer to do the deed. Many men will tell you that losing a beard is a regrettable action, and I joined them in this feeling. In recent months, something has been bubbling up inside me though, a hankering for something more, an unfulfilled space which needs filling, an inadequacy of sorts.

I need my big beard back.

I was delighted with the impeccable timing that Mo Bro’s had, getting in touch with me to review some of their great beard products at the same time as I started to grow my beard out.

Beard products are essential to good looking whiskers, you cannot do it without them. I was pleased to receive the Mo Bro’s Travel Kit which included Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Moustache Wax and a high-quality wooden comb and snipping scissors to take for a test run.


So before my review, here are some Top Beard Tips to get you started:

Beard Tip #1 – If you’re going to grow a beard, let it grow out. Don’t trim your beard for at least four weeks in the initial growing stage. Yes you might look a little unkempt, but work through that period and use Beard Oil to help with any itching.

Beard Tip #2 – Keep it clean, there is no excuse for not keeping your facial fuzz clean. Use a decent shampoo (and conditioner if required) in small amounts, then use some Beard Oil or Beard Balm in your palm (working from the bottom of your beard up) after each full wash.

Beard Tip #3 – Use Beard Oil! Yes this is repeated again, but it is really important for anyone with a healthy beard. You can get Beard Oil from lots of different places, I’ve even toyed with making my own, but it smelled so bad that even the dog wouldn’t come near me. I would stick to bigger brands such as Mo Bro’s as their Oil smells great and is a nice consistency to apply.


In short, this kit is brilliant – it contains all you need to keep your beard healthy and neat.

I hadn’t used Beard Balm or Moustache Wax before, but I found them both wonderful. The Balm is a thick, buttery consistency that really nourishes my beard and gives it a great glisten and soft feel. My beard also feels and looks thicker when using the Balm.

The Wax is much thicker than the balm and holds those stray ‘tache hairs in place – now I know how those guys manage to style and twist those meaty moustaches!

The Oil is a really nice consistency and is within a good sized bottle (30ml), meaning you will get lots of applications from the one droplet container. Pop a few drops in your palm and then work into your beard to tame and transform it – adding a nice sheen and healthy look.


I got the Cedarwood variant of the kit and the smell is awesome throughout all of the products. It’s just enough, not too strong or too weak, and lingers nicely after application.

The quality of the kit itself is also very high: a well-made zip up case contains the different items, each of which are nicely branded and manufactured. I particularly like the Beard Oil container with a dropper included, it’s definitely of higher quality than others I have bought in the past.

I was also really impressed with the comb and scissors, both are great quality and are essential items in the toolkit of a bearded chap.


This kit would make a great gift, either for yourself (you deserve it!) or a friend (preferably a bearded one). Mo Bro’s has a number of different kits and products available, and I would definitely recommend anyone with any interest in facial hair check them out.


Mo Bros gifted me this product in exchange for an honest review. This article is not influenced by this in any way, and is my honest opinion.

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