Cardiff Health Fitness & Wellbeing Awards – get involved!

This October sees the launch of the first ever Cardiff Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Awards.

Achieving Fitness Ltd, a local business based in Cardiff, are encouraging nominations and votes in a number of different categories to recognise greatness in the Cardiff area.

Categories include Coach of the Year, Fitness Event of the Year, Leisure Facility of the Year, Self Defence Club of the Year and many more. It’s great to see an Awards process be so inclusive and celebrating the hard work and talent in the Welsh Capital.

Cardiff is becoming a real hotbed of activity for the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing industry, with nominations in the Crossfit categories being amongst the most popular received by the organisers so far.

The actual Awards Ceremony will take place on 17th October in the Temple of Peace, Cardiff.

There are three well qualified judges for the event:

  • Mezz Evans – a competition bikini model, PT & all round fitness fanatic
  • Paul Jenkins – director of Achieving Fitness LTD
  • James Taylor – Super Stars CEO & Founder

We would like to wish everyone involved all the very best for the first Cardiff Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Awards.

You can learn more about the Awards, and nominate by clicking here, and follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages!



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