About me

I’m a 30-something dad from South Wales with an active interest in prose, politics and pork pies. You could class me as an author, blogger, father, son, husband, cousin, philanthropist, businessman, beard enthusiast, swimmer, entrepreneur and regular fabulist.


Work with me

If you would like to chat about working on a one-off post, a sponsored giveaway, a long term campaign, or anything else, just drop me a message. I’m interested in any content, copywriting, editing or similar written work, and I’m available on a freelance basis.

This site is rated DA31 (by Moz) based on its search and visibility criteria, this is a strong score compared to many other blog sites.

Here are some of the businesses that I have worked with in recent months:

I’ve also done some freelance work for World Association of Wrestling (WAW), XGeeks, Retro Game Team and Opinion Panel in recent months, check out the links for the articles. I’ve also written some pieces recently for the popular websites Top Buzz and Buzzfeed.

I was nominated as a finalist in the 2017 UK Blog Awards, and have worked over the years with a number of brands and third sector organisations to create content for their websites and various other projects related to Marketing and Social Media.

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