Yes I know, it’s cliche but apparently all the cool kids do it, so here goes – this is About Me:

I’m a 30-something dad from South Wales who lists ‘pork pies’ amongst his interests. You could class me as an author, blogger, father, son, husband, cousin, philanthropist, businessman, beard enthusiast, swimmer, entrepreneur and blatant fabulist.

I enjoy writing, and started this site in an effort to continue to publish what I like to chat about, in the hope that it will encourage me to write more. I’m not ashamed to say that I would like to write a book one day, though I’m unsure what exactly that book will be.

I like the informality of blogging, but also appreciate the platform  and reach available (which I have seen first hand through the huge volume of Twitter bloggers out there!).

It would be great if you could read a couple of my posts, comment, follow, tweet or donate large sums of money. I look forward to hearing from you x


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I’ve done a little bit of work for XGeeks, Retro Game Team and Opinion Panel in recent months, check out the links for the articles.

I was also nominated as a finalist in the 2017 UK Blog Awards.