Welcome to Five Minutes With, a page chock-full of interesting people, aimed at an audience that are easily distracted.

I love to read interviews and insight into people’s lives, motivations and businesses. Unfortunately, I normally reach page two into the article and get bored, and begin to think about something food-related, or have an urgent need to check Twitter/Facebook/Insert time-wasting social network here. I know that there are others just like me out there so this is for you lovely people.

I have gathered together some interesting people for you to read through, check them out and send some feedback. If you would like to be interviewed (or want to nominate someone) then please get in touch via Twitter – @mjwWales.



5 Minutes With…Stacie Stewart

Stacie is a TV Chef, MasterChef finalist, Channel 4 presenter, DJ and owner of a great cafe called Eat Naked. We spoke about her MasterChef highlights, what Eating Naked is all about, and Stacie’s great new partnership with Caorunn gin.

5 Minutes With…David Brayley

David is an author and sports writer, well known for books such as Premier League Diary (with Welsh football Captain Ashley Williams) and There’s Only Two Tony Cotteys. David has just released his fifth book – Champion of Champions – we talked about everything from the publishing process, to how a storm with Luis Suarez made national headlines.

5 Minutes With…Ricky Knight Jr

Ricky Knight Jr is from British Wrestling royalty – a member of the illustrious Knight family. Ricky has already held Championship belts and is the nephew of WWE megastar Paige. We talked about his family’s legacy, WAW UK, Scott Hall being a mentor, and more.

5 Minutes With…Amy Taylor

Amy is Deputy Editor for Amor magazine, Nutritionist for Make Your Switch and a Freelance Journalist, Amy also blogs and is the creator of #iprefercooking. Amy talks about some of her awesome recipes which are put together for just £1.50.

5 Minutes With…the92.net

I sat down with Pete from the92.net to discuss his great concept to help football fans track their away journeys to the 92 league grounds in English football (as well as others abroad). We talk pies, favourite grounds (and least favourite) and more.

5 Minutes With…Jimmy Kelly

Jimmy is the CEO of Fight On Entertainment, an award winning independent film company in New York. Jimmy talks to me about how he got started, why he loves Disney and James Cameron, and what advice for anyone looking to get into film-making.

5 Minutes With…Scott Woodley

I spent some time with Scott Woodley, who is the founder of a great startup called Tutora. He is working to revolutionise the tutorial business and make it really easy for you to find a great tutor. We talk business, startup funding and future ambitions.

5 Minutes With…Richard Taylor Woods

Richard is an actor currently appearing in Motown the Musical, and has previously appeared in many television and theatre productions. We talked about his inspirations, how he got started in the entertainment industry, and his Top 40 hit!

5 Minutes With…Sarah Trademark

Sarah is a blogger with over 10k followers across Twitter and Facebook and provides great advice for new bloggers, and insight for people who struggle to find the time to write regularly. Sarah also rocks awesome hair!

5 Minutes With…Gemma Hirst

Gemma is a culture blogger and journalism graduate, passionate about theatre and breaking down the barriers for anyone to enjoy theatre. Gemma told me about her favourite productions, culture in the North East, and how a giant wheel cured her fear of heights.

5 Minutes With…Soulla Christodoulou

Soulla is an author who has a great story herself of how she became an author, and how her life is for living. Soulla has a new book out and also runs Children’s Creative Writing classes, writes poetry, belly dances and bringing up three boys!

5 Minutes With…Natalie Redman

Natalie runs the brilliantly named UpYourVlog, a successful lifestyle blog which covers subjects from beauty to books. We had a great chat about how Natalie got started, how she finds freelance work and more!