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5 Minutes With… is a site started by a group of friends to track visits to all 92 grounds in the English football league. I chatted to Pete, one of the founders and the main man when it comes to keeping the... Continue Reading →

5 Minutes With…Amy Taylor

Amy is a blogger, the creator of #iprefercooking, Deputy Editor for Amor magazine, Nutritionist for Make Your Switch and a Freelance Journalist. I sat down with Amy to find out more about her work, her passion for food, and her great recipes... Continue Reading →

Five Minutes With… Sarah Trademark

Sarah is a blogger with over 10,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. Sarah talks to us about how she stays organised, future thoughts about her blog and also provides some great advice for new bloggers! Sarah also has really... Continue Reading →

S. ATIRE WEEKLY NEWS MAR 6TH – Cake Sale Kerfuffle

Welcome to the second weekly news digest for South Atire, the quaint English village in the heart of Wales. This weekly round up will give you all of the local information that you need: - There were upsetting scenes at... Continue Reading →

S.ATIRE WEEKLY NEWS FEB 27TH – Brexit reassurance from Cllr T Fullophcrap

Welcome to the new weekly news digest for South Atire, a quaint English village in the heart of Wales. This weekly round up will give you all of the local information that you need: - The village bake sale starts... Continue Reading →

2017 WWE Elimination Chamber results and thoughts

Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin (I don't know why either) joined THE CHAMP John Cena to do battle in this year's Elimination Chamber. The dark metal structure, almost as terrifying as JBL's commentary, has... Continue Reading →

Haig Club – style over substance? 

I'm a big whisky fan, with bourbon and single malt generally being the go-go choices for me after a hard week, day or morning. I don't profess to know a lot about whiskey other than 'I knows what I like'... Continue Reading →

Moving on up? From iPhone to Android (Samsung S7 Edge review)

I've been an iPhone fanboy since launch, the iPhone totally revolutionised the mobile market, and took us from keys and small screens (and of course polyphonic ringtones!) and moved us to a world of touchscreens, pinching to zoom and apps.... Continue Reading →

Big Sam’s big problem: a victory for journalism?

What a strange 48 hours in the life of an England fan and football fan in general.  After a lifetime of working towards the 'big job', the unglamorous no-nonsense manager with a reputation for getting the job done, even in... Continue Reading →

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