5 Minutes With…Aria Blake

Aria Blake is a Wrestler from Clearwater, Florida who made her debut in 2015. She is now making a big impact in MLW amongst other promotions she has worked with (which include SHINE and Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment). Aria is one half of the Spoiled Brats tag-team, and has recently started a great vlog following an injury, and also takes care of many of the MLW backstage interviews.
Aria explains how she got started, who she looks up to and has advice for wannabe Wrestlers!

aria blake womens wrestling

Can you tell us what made you decide that you want to be in the Wrestling business?

My younger brother, Danny, was a fan of wrestling when he was eleven and I was fourteen. One Friday night he was watching Smackdown and I happened to see the women’s match – Michelle McCool vs Maryse with Maria as the special guest referee for the WWE Diva’s Championship (see it here). I instantly fell in love with wrestling. I became obsessed so quickly. It felt like seeing what I knew I was meant to do.

How did you get started?

I started as a ring girl for Uproar Pro Wrestling, a then local promotion, in November 2013. They mentioned wanting to open a school for aspiring wrestlers like myself to train. Jay Lethal partnered with Uproar and our school was made. I began in a small class alongside Aspyn Rose, Alex Perry, Ronnie Rios, & Tom Sawyer in April 2014.

What do you think of the publicity that the ‘Women’s Revolution’ has received in recent years?

I love it. It’s overdue but I’m so grateful to be in wrestling during a revolutionary time like this. Women have come extremely far in a myriad of fields and it’s empowering to see it in wrestling. It gives me hope to pursue my dreams.

Tell us about what training was like? How was your first flat back bump?

I grew up playing soccer, cheerleading, doing gymnastics, so I’ve been an athlete all my life. That definitely helped when it came to training, but wrestling training is another thing in itself. I sucked at bumping and my first bump definitely wasn’t flat.

You have evolved into a great position as one half of the Spoiled Brat tag team – tell us about you guys.

The Spoiled Brats is the duo of myself and my best friend, Salina de la Renta. We became best friends after wrestling each other for American Combat Wrestling in October 2016. We clicked and have bonded ever since. We’re actual best friends, in & outside of the ring. Given our great chemistry and ability to work so well together, we decided to form the Spoiled Brats. We’re ourselves. She’s more of the spoiled one because she can finesse like no other. I’m a brat, plain and simple, that’s just how I am. I ask myself why I’m like this a lot, but it’s gotten me pretty far. We’ve tagged at a few places like I Believe in Wrestling, Blueprint Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling 2.0.

aria blake spoiled brats tag team

I think the ‘Your Daddy’s Fave’ line is brilliant (and probably true in many cases) where did that come from and how do fans react?

I came up with that tagline. I come up with cool stuff off the dome, I don’t know. Fans love it. We have it on the back of our first shirt. Everyone can wear it. You can wear it to a wrestling show we’re on, the mall when you’re buying us gifts, the bank when you’re taking out money to give us, anywhere. Dads love us.

You have recently been doing some vlogging with your own YouTube channel (love the Disney video!), do you enjoy it and what do you plan on vlogging in future?

I really like vlogging. I went to college for journalism and media studies, so it’s sort of like combining the editing skills I picked up in school and using them for something fun. I have no idea the future entails so I’m not sure what’s to come on the vlog. I want to incorporate more storytimes, adventures, behind the scenes, challenges, stuff like that.

Tell us about MLW, it looks like there are some great things happening there? 

Major League Wrestling is an exciting promotion I love being part of. It’s awesome being a part of something like MLW. Every match is unique and brings something to the show. The talent is top tier and comes from such a wide variety of backgrounds. I initially started maintaining the MLW social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, but was immediately asked to serve as a backstage correspondent. Many of my interviews are on the MLW YouTube page.

What’s your favourite ever match?

Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker at WrestleMania is my favorite match ever. My favourite match personally has been when I wrestled Su Yung at Girlfight.

What are your ambitions in the Wrestling business?

To succeed and do everything that’d make my younger self happy. I want to feel accomplished. This is my dream. I want to travel the world through my passion. I aspire to be the best I can be and then some.

Who do you look up to?

Lita, AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio.

What advice would you give someone starting out?

Find a credible school. Get your body in shape, especially your cardio. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Be ready physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in every way, and just give yourself to wrestling.

How can everyone follow your progress? 

You can keep track by following my accounts:

aria blake mlw
Thanks for your time Aria! 


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